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Have you seen the comfort quilts at the Mercy Kiosk or on Mercy Sunday?  If you have requested this quilt for a friend or loved one, or if you have been a recipient of one, you know how meaningful and comforting this gift can be.  The thank-you cards we’ve received tell us again and again that it provides both physical and spiritual covering.  Not only are these quilts for those suffering from cancer, but those experiencing other critical illnesses.

Perhaps you didn’t know that only about seven women voluntarily create these handmade quilts; and they could use your help!  Some of the tasks involved in making these quilts do not require sewing skills, such as tracing Scripture verses onto fabric (scripting), making kits from our fabric supply, and measuring and cutting fabric. 

You may also not know that most of the time, the Comfort Quilters assemble the quilts at home.  Those who trace the verses, or who cut fabric into strips can do that at home on their own time as well.  The monthly meeting at church is not mandatory.  Those who can meet each first Thursday of the month from 9:00-11:30 AM put together the quilt kits, sandwich layers before quilting, measure fabric, and cut fabric or batting.  (And then we love to enjoy each other’s company at lunch!)

  • If you are interested in being a sewer, please check out the directions attachment to see how easy making this quilt might be.  Then call Marilyn Loof or reply to this post.  (Step-by-step training is also provided!  All fabrics and supplies are provided except your sewing machine.)
  • If you are interested in scripting (tracing verses onto fabric with a light box and special pens), also reach out to Marilyn Loof or respond to this post.  Just as with sewing, everything needed is provided, including a quick training (that’s how easy it is). 
  • If you are interested in performing some of the other tasksduring our monthly meetings at church, please respond in the same way.  You will be very welcomed!

    Imagine being a part of a ministry like this which tangibly serves those in such physical and emotional need.  You can!  There is flexibility in serving with the Comfort Quilters and great reward. 

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