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UNLEASHED: Debt Reduction Sunday

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We desire to reduce our debt and unleash greater ministry in Crossroads, Chandler, and the world.  


Throughout our history, Crossroads has had a tremendous impact on our community and around the globe. However, in our current economic times, dollars going to debt hinder our ability to do all we can to advance our calling expeditiously.

We have two choices: Pay the bank with interest, or remove our debt and unleash ministry with greater effectiveness. A ripened kingdom harvest awaits us like never before. We believe God has given us an opportunity to unleash and leverage more resources so we don’t miss this opportunity.  Now is our time to unleash the church!


  • PRAY - Pray for the mission and ministry of Crossroads
  • GIVE - Examine your finances and give a one-time gift on Sunday, January 28. There are a variety of ways to give.  You can give by cash or check on Sunday, January 28, or you can give to our debt reduction any time online at CRNAZ.COM/UNLEASHED.


  • The church fiscal year is from April 1 to March 31. We are 41 weeks into the church year, leaving 11 more weeks before we close out our current fiscal year.
  • Our church budget is built on a weekly giving average of $33,300.
  • Our weekly giving average to date for this year is $33,045.
  • We are on track to meet budget.


Because of your faithfulness and obedience in giving, the Church Finance Committee, with the Church Board, determined we are in a great position to significantly reduce our debt. On Sunday, January 28, all money received in our regular tithes and offerings will go toward debt reduction.


  • Debt (Loan Balance):  $2,170,297
  • Interest rate: 5.1%
  • Minimum Monthly payment:  $13,055
  • Extra Monthly payment:  $2,310
  • Total Monthly payment: $15,365

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