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Team World Vision reunion

By Kristen Langford in mercy Team Crossroads Running 8 months ago | 545 views Link:

Hello to all my favorite running buddies! Some of us were talking this past weekend about how we are missing being together with the group. So we decided a reunion was just what we need. We can all meet and share a meal together (maybe at Kneader’s again?) and this time we won’t be smelly when we do it!

Langfords are available on Friday, April 20 or Saturday, April 21. Anyone interested? If so, what date works the best? Venue is also completely flexible so throw out your suggestions for that too. Majority wins.

So excited to see everyone again!

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Lindsey Gibson

Sounds fun! So far, Gibson’s are free Friday night the 20th or Saturday morning the 21st.

Ashwini Dhas

Definitely down!!! I’m also free the 20th night or the 21st morning! :) YAY

Allan Alvarado

Unfortunately, I have plans on the 20th and 21st (Pat’s Run). Please have fun. I’ll miss you.

Michelle Schneider

I’m good with either.

Barb Willey

I’m free either Friday or Saturday, and would love to see everyone!  :)

Suzanne Becker

I am running Pats Run Saturday so would not be able to attend Saturday.  Friday night might work depending on what time you are meeting. I would love to see everyone!  

Kristen Langford

Let’s plan on Friday night. What time will work best for everyone? And where would we like to eat? Thai has been mentioned, but I don’t want to make a decision for the whole group. Opinions?

Ashwini Dhas

I’m available to meet anywhere Friday night at 7. I’m down for Thai! I’m also down for anything else :) 

Lindsey Gibson

Turns out Gibson’s aren’t free this Friday night. Sorry we will miss it! I miss my running friends!

Kristen Langford

No one else has weighed in so let’s plan on Yupha’s Thai Kitchen at 7pm on Friday, April 20. Yupha’s is a couple doors down from the Tempe Pollack Cinema at Elliott and McClintock. The proper address is: 1805 E Elliott Road, Suite 125 Tempe, AZ 85284.

We’ll miss you Lindsey and Allan!

Tim Morales

I apologize for the delayed response.

I will be there :)


David Belles

Sorry I can’t make it. Have fun!

Paul Weinbrenner

Kyles suprise 18th bday party fri or I would be there. Have fun

Heidi Shirley-Hawes

I will attending a memorial service with Lorenze of a friend of his. If Lorenze feels up for Thai after we will swing by. LOVE that some are able to get together!!

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