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Prayer request for 1 year old niece Kinsley in the hospital

By Bert Moll in Praises & Prayer Requests 9 months ago | 889 views

Please pray for my 1 year old 2nd niece Kinsley who is fighting for her life in the children’s hospital at Dobson Banner. She contracted pneumonia and a bacterial infection attached to her heart valve. The doctors have been unable to determine the type of bacteria to treat it. They are preparing to do open heart surgery to replace the valve, but Kinsley is very weak. The surgery could occur as early as tomorrow. Pray that God would remove the infection or that she would come through the surgery if needed.

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Patti LaBorde


Carolyn Brugger

We will be praying for Kansley and the family.  Our God can!

Barbara Cummings

Praying for this sweet baby and her family.

Pastor Melissa Rightmire

I am praying for this special child.  Lord God, hear the cries of Kansley’s parents and family and bring healing to her precious body!

Jerry Goble


Joyce Licci

We pray for Kansley to be restored to perfect health. May the doctors have skill and wisdom and most of all may your Holy Spirit come and minister life to her whole being.

Grace Karcher

Praying for God’s blessings!

On Nov 30, 2017 5:20 PM, “Bert Moll on The City” <(email address removed)>

Dean Jaeger

Praying for this sweet girl!

Pam Schell

Glen and I are praying.

Bert Moll

Sorry for my typo error in the spelling of Kinsley’s name. I have corrected the spelling of her name. I thought it was odd when I spelled back the name to my nephew several times, but his thoughts were about his daughter at the time.

Pastor Melissa Rightmire

Bert how is Kinsley doing?

Bert Moll

I"m sharing a post from the facebook account of Kinsley’s mother, Nicky, so you can know how to better pray:

day 12 of our roller coaster ride. kinsley has been diagnosed with endocarditis. the bacteria vegetation on sis’s mitral valve is causing severe regurgitation. the bacteria has actually “shifted” and when we review the echogram it looks as if it is going down into the chords of her heart. kinsley’s lungs will not recover to 100% until the bacteria has been removed & her valve is either repaired or replaced. the surgeons will go in most likely on tuesday. our daughter is a fighter & we will get through all of this. she will come out stronger than ever. we ask for your continuous prayers & positive thoughts. we feel them, she feels them & the creator above hears them. we love you all.

Marlo Howell

Will pray for her and her parents, especially Tuesday!

Bert Moll

Kinsley is in surgery. Please pray for the surgeons as they perform delicate surgery on her heart. Pray that a mechanical valve is not needed, which would require her to undergo repeated surgeries as she grows older and have blood thnners. Also, pray that God would touch the hearts of the mother (Nicky) and father (my nephew, Ryan). When Kathy and I visited her at the hospital last Friday, Nicky, the mother, said she told Ryan they needed to start attending church after this. Kinsley’s life really hangs in the balance.

If you have a Facebook account, you can visit her Nicky’s account by going to

Carolyn Brugger

Praying with you that all goes well and Kinsley and family have wonderful report to bring glory to our healing Father.

Jerry Goble


Bert Moll

I just realized I never posted the outcome of Kinsley’s surgery. I thought I had posted an update, but I see I only posted a link to the Facebook account of Nicky, Kinsley’s mother. Kinsley is doing very well, praise God. She came through the open heart surgery in December with miraculous results and is progressing. Her one year old birthday party is this Saturday. She is still feeding with the assistance of a tube, which is a topic of prayer. However, she is very healthy and has fully recovered otherwise. Thank you so much for your prayers. Nicky was blessed to know so many people were praying for her daughter.

Grace Karcher

Happy to hear that, Bert!
On Feb 15, 2018, at 10:56 AM, Bert Moll on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

Jerry Goble

Praise God! Thank you for this good report.

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